Narcotics Anonymous
First Coast Area

Helpline: 1.904.723.LOVE(5683)

Activities Subcommittee
The Activities Subcommittee coordinates and plans activities, which promote unity and fellowship in the NA program.

Activities Subcommittee Meeting
Positions Open -- Contact PR Subcommittee for more Info

Helpline Subcommittee
The Helpline subcommittee, at the area level, establishes, maintains and coordinates an effective 24-hour, seven day a week answering service.

Helpline Subcommittee Meeting
7:30 p.m. 1st Thursday of the Month
4000 Spring Park Rd.

Hospitals and Institutions Subcommittee
The First Coast Area Hospitals and Institutions Subcommittee exists to carry the message of recovery from addiction to facilities whose residents are restricted from full access to regular Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

Hospitals and Institutions Subcommittee Meeting
6:15pm - 1st Thursday of each Month
R.F. Kennedy Center
1133 Ionia St.

Public Relations Subcommittee
The purpose of the Public Relations Subcommittee is to serve as the link between NA and the general public. The subcommittee will be responsible for establishing contact with all organizations, agencies, educational institutions, businesses, groups or individuals who, through their contact with active drug users and/or the general public, can help to create awareness of NA, its program, purpose, and availability.

Public Relations Subcommittee Meeting
3:00pm - 1st Sunday of each Month
5409 Highway Ave.

Literature Review Subcommittee
The duties of the literature subcommittee are gathering input from the fellowship in the area, formulating new literature, reviewing new literature, working on projects as directed by regional literature subcommittee and other projects pertaining to literature. Also responsible for the publishing of the newsletter which exists to serve the needs of addicts seeking recovery in our fellowship by informing the fellowship of news and upcoming events and further promoting our unity.

Literature Review Subcommittee Meeting
Positions Open -- Contact PR Subcommittee for more Info

Literature Distributor Subcommittee
The duties of the literature distributor subcommittee is to order all literature for the Area's groups on a monthly basis, maintain and change meeting schedules and to store and stamp all literature.

Literature Distributor Subcommittee Meeting

Policy Subcommittee
The Policy Subcommittee's purpose is to consider any input that affects the policies of the First Coast Area and upon deliberation provide clarity to the Area.

Policy Subcommittee Meeting
9:45 am - 2nd Saturday of each Month
R.F. Kennedy Center 1133 Ionia St.

FCACNA Convention Subcommittees
The FCACNA Convention Subcommittee's purpose is to research, plan, organize, and put on the annual First Coast Area Convention of Narcotics Anonymous. This subcommittee delegates responsibility to several Convention Subcommittees that play an integral role in coordinating FCACNA.

FCACNA Convention Subcommittee Meeting
2:00pm - Last Saturday of the Month
4000 Spring Park Rd.

FCACNA Registration Subcommittee Meeting
2:00pm - 3rd Saturday of the Month
4000 Spring Park Road

FCACNA Programming Subcommittee Meeting
12:30pm - Last Saturday of the Month
4000 Spring Park Road - Contact Webservant to Update

FCACNA Arts & Graphics Subcommittee Meeting
2:00pm - 3rd Thursday of the Month
25 Cottage Street

FCACNA Fundraising Subcommittee Meeting
12:00pm - Last Saturday of the Month
4172 Shirley Ave.

FCACNA Hotels & Hospitality Subcommittee Meeting
2:00pm - 3rd Wednesday of the Month
7860 Southside Rd.



Helpline: 904.723.LOVE(5683)